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"You shall also be so beautiful and properous... a crown of glory and honour in the hand of the Lord..."
Isaiah 62:3


Evangelyn Ong Shi Min

Physical DOB @ 25th Jan 1988
Spiritual DOB @ 21st Aug 2004
Water Baptism @ 10 Sep 2005
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Now serving in LYL, New E456, CHC
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Monday, November 10, 2008





Remembering the LORD @ 3:13 PM

Old Blog, New Link?
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I has decided... to change back my this blog to my old blog link and kept it as a memories, but my new blog shall be a brand new layout... See you guys at eternityingod.blogspot.com.

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Remembering the LORD @ 1:58 PM

New walk of LIFE

I wanna enter into a new walk in life with new memories, new encounters and sacrifices.

I changed this blog as a memorial to everything in my life. It is over and now it is the time to start again.

From scratch...


Remembering the LORD @ 12:46 AM

Sweet Memories
Thursday, October 2, 2008

Never imagined, I can live so long without blogging.

Having adjusting my life after SOT.

Seeking for more directions when I lost mine.

Everything seem to turn back to the times before SOT and I was trying to remember, to treasure and to hold it close to me.

Everyone have been in the mood of getting attached, dealing with rejections of those that didn't return the affection while turning their eyes upon the things that is important in life.

In this season, I remembering those precious times when I had my longer crush/love for someone that until today, I still smiled when I talked of it.

A child that was once my childhood friend, a child that if he never leave our hometown, maybe today, we will be together.

A child who I played with, had fun with, chatted on phone with, and sticked together everyday in school in those precious days.

Until today, it has been 11 years since I last seem him.

3 years of times together, 7 years of missing the times when we were playing, 4 years of putting the past behind me and these few years as I shared with my friends, I still remembered those times I rejected guys as they never carried the kindness, gentleness, funness that he had... And to think of, I was the one who being stubborn never contacted him ever again after a fateful morning in my primary 4 school days.

Regret? I had those. Sadness? I had those.

Laughters? I had those.

Thanksgiving? I had those.

For now thinking back, maybe because of the love I had for him, that why I learned to wait and never drop my standard.

Because of the patient that was cultivated, I learnt not to jump into any relationships without a process of thinking through.

Until today, facing these problems has been something I'm not good at, being some one who faced issues of it with my friends in my school days, yet, I deciding that to live my life fuller and to enjoy every moment of it.

Like in Wagaya no Oinari-sama, a phrase said by the main character, "first love never comes through."

He was my first love before I met God.

But now God has the first place and shall always be higher than anyone or things.

A sweet memory means much, but a love that is everlasting means everything to me.


Remembering the LORD @ 12:17 AM

Be Wise
Thursday, September 25, 2008

Understanding the meaning of being wise...

Being wise in the words that we said

Being wise in the relationships that we have

Being wise in every single details

I hoped to be wise, even though sometimes I lashed out when at times things get out of control.

Relationships being taken advantage of.

Friends relying too much or ask too much and it become a one way trip.

Think of it, always ask for a close friend but none appear.

If I never has one?

What shall I do?

Someone once asked me.

Now I understand...

Companion started with friendship but I must learn to move on for the higher I go, the more soothing companion I would find.

Sadness overwhelmed me.

Don't murder my life by letting me wait unnecessary for the commandment said, "do not murder."

Sometimes, it's good to voice it out isn't it?

Be it physically waiting for someone to arrive because of a promise to meet or waiting for something to happen.

Sometimes, I treasured friendships too much that waiting become a habit for me, and to think, other higher authority once told me that sometimes got to let go of the need for companion to walk the way of the Lord.

Maybe I need an indication...

A change even...

And I need to be smart, be wise, even going upward with God by His power and by my will to overcome all obstacles with Him.

Being able to be alone, doesn't sound that bad afterward...

I has been some others' support, now... Who can be my support except Jesus?


Remembering the LORD @ 2:27 AM

Good O'Brothers and Sisters
Friday, September 19, 2008

I thanks God for giving me big brothers, for fun or for advises, they are good brothers that take good care of a young sister like me.

After sharing with big big brother, I see things in a clearer picture and I felt much more relieved.

While Garfield today also not bad, dragged me to some unknown yet known salon even though I was sort of being "forced" to go.

After fully cool down, I'm much more happy.

And it is just a beginning isn't it?

A beginning to execute my plans of makeover.

For God and for my own self.

After being suck dried while trying to guess what gal had gone through, not feel relieved to be able to believe in all things are possible through Christ who strengthen me.

In characters, in situations and in facing myself.

Now I can has a good night rest and all the best to the last day of my job... =) Jia you Evangeline...

Not Evan... But Evangeline.

Not a tomboy... But a woman.


Remembering the LORD @ 1:16 AM

To cool it off
Thursday, September 18, 2008

When we claimed to know somebody, how much we really know.

Using one name to claim that you know the person, how much you really know.

I don't fully understand one person but I slowly understand the heart yet all some see another is only through the surface.

God, I need to cool it off.

If it wasn't for someone who voiced out for me, I won't know how much this person who now seldom spoke to me really know my weaknesses while another who suppose to understand me, attacked my weakness.

It hurt Lord, yet it reminded me that I got to stand strong.

I thanks God for the person who covered my weakness.

I just need to cool my temper for now.


Remembering the LORD @ 11:46 PM

Faithful God
Wednesday, August 27, 2008

God has always been faithful to me.

In areas that is uncertain.

In areas that seem impossible.

I never thought that I would get a chance to go out of Singapore, yet this vision that God placed within my heart is coming to pass.

After going round and round, failed to go to Taiwan, failed to go to Indonesia, failed to go to India, now I going to where God has placed in my heart.

It was all it takes for me to be focus.

Now, I left a few more weeks while waiting for further notice.

I got to persist till the end of the journey.

God, thanks for being faithful.

You are the best thing that ever happened in my life.


Remembering the LORD @ 5:56 PM

Radical Child
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Never thought that ever since I was 7 yrs old, I'm such a radical child. After talking to a SOT friend after telling why I was emoing, we started to realize, I was born to be radical. Let us take a good look at my radical records:

1. At the age of 7
I was known for being a troublemaker in school bus and at school. Famous for been punished along with friends during class lessons and teachers would call us to stand in front of the whole class.

2. At the age of 8
I caused a replaced teacher to lose job because my friend told me she gonna slap by the teacher and I ran and told her mum. Result, I got questioned, got scared but we earned a good form teacher in the end, who always let us watch documentary.

3. At the age of 10
I had been wanting to be a group leader. Always the assistant leader and one day, finally I became the group leader and 1 month later, all girl prefects, monitor, group leaders and all female communities of the class got called by form teacher. Guess what we did? We hit a guy for following the female communities whenever we went. From library to class. And guess who was the one stirring the heart of the people? My friends and I, been the oldest of the group got it good points. =X

Not only that, being one of the head librarian, I was known to be fierce and I would kick anyone who break the rules of quietness out of the library.

4. Now at my age...

I once again want to pick up the radical spirit. Not to do bad things.

But if I can do things like that in my childhood days... which a lot more remain hidden, which included ghost hunting etc and etc... God can use me to impact those around me.

Just like Paul who transformed from a persecutor of Christ to a strong believer and martyr of Christ.

Now I stop emoing and now I happy looking forward to my life.

Thanks you my ABBA.

For making me unique and for loving me wholeheartedly.

I want to love You more and more every single day of my life.


Remembering the LORD @ 11:39 PM

Back at wordpress

So wordpress only load faster in the afternoon. From now on, night time blogger, afternoon wordpress. How it's sound like? Lol so random.


Remembering the LORD @ 6:36 PM

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh my, I got so many books to finish.

Christ the Lord
God's Generals
Pastor Ulf Leadership series and many more...

Now God nowadays Kenrus never come and remind me about his book.

Own him for so long.

And thanks God, he seldom read my blog.

Or else... I run whenever I see him till I finish the book.

But my holiday is coming soon.

At least before the mission that I planning...

Hopefully everything will settle soon.

I feel like there are so many things that I wanna pen down, yet my mind is spinning faster than I can capture.

But then God is good nevertheless, my graduation is a few days time.

Been pestering my mum to go for it and been finding solutions to stop her from making excuses to be busy.

I even got to ask my sister to go for make-up CG.

But I want to make things happened.

Family salvation before 23.

Now the next time I want to make it happen, is going TTC for further study!

Anyone wanna sponsor me? =P

I planning to go and let them challenge my faith.

Been wanting to look for a Theology school.

Even if Lu Lu Jie said not very good to go, but then, I just planning to let my mind been bash with the Theology.

So any one with a heart to sponsor, I welcome you with all of my heart.

Freely giving and freely receiving.


Remembering the LORD @ 11:19 PM

Back here again!

Wordpress is upsetting me.

So slow.

What to do?

God, I sticking with blogspot for now.

Or multiply?


But my new blog is nice... Nice blog skin, draw me toward it...

=X Nah... But I can't bear to leave blogger alone. Hahahah... Well, indecisive. =X Hahahah...

Well, I back... just be glad... hahahaha


Remembering the LORD @ 11:09 PM

Back at wordpress...
Friday, August 15, 2008

I felt like I wanna shake my laptop and said ...

Wordpress, loads faster!

Now wordpress still slow but I gonna wait and blog there anywhere since I love the layout.

Go here to read more about my life: .


Remembering the LORD @ 11:33 PM

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wordpress is so slow at loading for the night thus I'm back at blogger again.

Today had a session with Pastor Kong after the leader meeting.

Can say, I am convicted.

Convicted of preparing myself for the season when I wanna get attach.

But before that, my individual characters development must be stable.

And true to be say, sometimes we girls have too high expectations.

And to take away everything, I come to see that even for me, I only want someone who is passionate about God and missions, that all I want. All other requirements are just extra guidelines.

Since Pastor Kong said it, now it brought forth new views and thanks God, I learnt of it while I'm still "young".

Now I'm excited for tomorrow leadership class! Go go go!


Remembering the LORD @ 12:29 AM